Visual Art

I have been interested in generative AI art since long before the currently widely available models and tools.

Some examples are below, more can be found on my youtube page.

An early attempt at running several models. The theory was to match the music which came at a time during the Trump administration and is emotive of times gone by. I attempted to generate images of classic americana images – football games, beer, bbq and then morph these together. Image generation in early 2021 was not as mature as it is now.
Another early attempt to generate colours that were ‘influenced’ by the infered mood of the music and animated with the rhythm of the song.
Another technique trial to animate through several ‘drawn’ images. This was an attempt at breaking an NVIDIA model that allowed you to draw scenes. I constructed several geometric patterns to have this drawn and animate in a satisfying way. Results were excentric.
Another attempt at audio interpretation to animate the image to a resolution based on the interpreted ‘mood’ of the track
Inferring mood from music for a colour scape and applying that to paramaters of various visual filters.
An exercising in capturing the mood of urban life using footage captured from live webcams in cities across the world.
Vintage space exploration found footage overlaced with dystopian animations set to capture the mood of the music.
The contrast of a distorted nature landscape vs the promise of futuristic technology.
Heavily inspired by the artistry of Snakes of Russia.
Found footage mourning the loss of a more innocent time.
An audiovisual-scape capturing a moment of loss and hope
Generated space scenes interpreted from other more personal photographs beyond recognition. A commentary on the anonymity of the universe.
Experimentation with animating generative AI imagery.
Another experiement with animating generative AI imagery.